Conference and Tour Guide Systems

Conference technology and tour guide systemsConference technology and tour guide systems combine more than you would expect at first glance. Because both systems combine audio signals that are transmitted perfectly under special conditions. With MONACOR you can rely on sophisticated technical solutions based on which you can depend on the perfect output of spoken language at conferences as well as guided tours. As with all MONACOR products, this category also applies with the fact that we combine excellent quality with an attractive price. Intercom stations, lecterns, and more for conferencesAt conferences with a larger number of participants, PA technology is essential so that everyone in the hall or room can follow the speakers’ speeches. The conference system from MONACOR is very simple and impresses with its high efficiency. There are intercom stations for the conference leadership with additional controllers and a conference console. Both are equipped with a small loudspeaker and headphone output, which make it possible to directly follow the contributions of other participants. A control unit helps to activate or deactivate microphone units. New devices are easy to integrate. In this way, conference technology from MONACOR is perfectly scalable to fit your requirements and at the same time proves itself with a clean signal transmission. Upon request, MONACOR also offers modern lecterns with integrated sound systems and optional battery operation. So you are extremely flexible in the organisation and planning of lectures or speeches. High quality transmitters and receivers for guided toursWith MONACOR tour guides can rely on high-performance equipment. The range consists of easy-to-use tour guide systems with robust and reliable transmitters and receivers. Up to 16 channels are available. For example, city tours can be conducted in different languages. You can also use the MONACOR Tour Guide system as an audio guide in museums or exhibitions. All audio devices are equipped with efficient battery technology. The digital transmission technology enables interference-free audio transmission. Thanks to PWM fast charging stations, you can quickly use the devices again and again. Optionally, you also get a carrying case with integrated charging function to simultaneously charge up to 36 devices. Tour guide systems and conference technology from MONACOR – crystal-clear voice transmission in every situation!

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