Lighting Technology

Versatile lighting technology from MONACORMONACOR lighting technology offers you a variety of solutions to illuminate rooms, halls, or entire buildings. The spectrum ranges from simple LED retrofit luminaires and energy-saving LED panels to complex LED installations for clubs, discos, and events. With our products, you have every opportunity to plan and professionally implement your own individual lighting solution. You can rely on proven MONACOR quality at an affordable price. Intelligent and energy saving lighting solutions for office and business premisesWith LED panels and recessed luminaires from MONACOR, you can literally see your offices or business premises in the perfect light. For example, the LED panels are ideal for large-scale office lighting, while recessed luminaires work great corridors or foyers. A big advantage of the LED technology is the high luminosity, which, however, requires little energy. They thus ensure optimum illumination of rooms and at the same time save electricity. That?ll spare your budget. If you still use luminaires with conventional sockets such as E27 or E14, MONACOR offers you a wide range of lights with retro bulb design. Inside, however, is state-of-the-art LED technology. Whether a candle lamp, reflector lamp, or drop lamp, with MONACOR you can choose from all common lamp variants. Various controlling optionsMany lighting technology products at MONACOR can be perfectly controlled by wirelessly. So you can quickly conjure up a pleasant ambient lighting from a bright ceiling lighting. For example, changing the light intensity can be convenient if you want to quickly dim the light in a conference room during a lecture. If you work with LED strips, you can also change the colours of the LEDs depending on the product used. With a simple click, small red lights turn blue. Professional lighting technology for events or clubsLighting solutions from MONACOR are also suitable for professional use. So you can create the optimal disco feeling with mirror balls or cross beams. With LED strips, the atmosphere in your location can also be changed individually. For large events, MONACOR also has powerful LED floodlights in the range, which are characterised by an immensely high light intensity and low power consumption. Lighting technology from MONACOR – professional solutions for company rooms, events, and clubs.

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